From Russia, With Booze: Accordion Prop, Position, Proposition

Ivan Zamotaev accordion Russia's Got Talent

America, take notice. Russia’s got talent and Ivan Zamotaev lays claim to a generous portion of it. Uniting booze and accordion in a daring and playful way, Zamotaev shows us what’s possible with a little innovation on Russia’s version of the global Got Talent television show born in England.

It’s not uncommon for accordions to suffer punch line after punch line. It’s rarer when the accordion serves as a medium for the comedian (and playing chops). Zamotaev throws down Toccata and Fugue in D minor, the Nokia theme, the Star-Spangled Banner, among others. His fall at the end is impressive. It’s not easy being so graceful with a 23-pound button box strapped over your shoulders.

More than anything, it makes you wonder what other kinds of prop possibilities exist with an accordion. Its make-up is unlike any other instrument and provides two key elements — rhythmic movement and a secure foundation. You could probably set up a small waiter’s tray with a half-dozen shots and pour all of ‘em with a little directional bellow drawing.

I’d be interested in curating an art show that displays modified accordions that come alive through theatrical storytelling and song. It’s a good thing I’ve been stocking up on used accordions lately.


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