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    If you’re exceedingly good at the wow classic gold spec or if you had amazing luck with drops out of 5 man dungeons. It sucked because paladins didn’t possess interrupts in classic, so operate and you either had to cure through bubble or harm. Most of us who played with WoW Classic admit that ret paladins were their dps world’s laughing stock.

    I played with all the WoW Classic classes to/at degree cap in Vanilla WoW Classic days, & believe that I appreciated my Shadow Hunter, Priest & the most. I loved (Improved) Vampiric Embrace ability & my damage also helped the healer out.

    Regrettably, Shadow Priests (like all non-healing spec heal-capable courses ) back then got some hate/exclusion from arbitrary PUGs, on account of the lack of healers, therefore it was easier to form your PUG or play with guildmates/friends.

    You need to keep in wow classic gold buy mind how quickly they obtain their bis equipment. Warrior is among the classes to acquire your gear, compared to other classes such as mages and healers since you’re not gon na possess AQ or hell BWL accessible at the beginning.

    I’m keeping locks out of the since they need crazy amounts of hit gear to do damage, therefore it will be slow to gear up. However, for warlocks the very best part is that you’ll be among the most valuable players in the end because warlock is your least played courses in classic. The summoning can help you get dungeon groups even fasters.

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