Accordion Kids: Jojo and Bean on the Scene


The future of the accordion rests with those holding one today, and that rings especially true for the youngest among them, our children.

I often lament not picking up the accordion until my early 20s. I wonder what I could have done with a 10-year head start. Fortunately I forget all about that when I look at these squeezable cuties.

accordion kid

It’s little Bean, a 16-month old girl from East Stroudsburg in Northeast Pennsylvania, getting to know her Woodstock Special 8-bass box.

Above and to the right is Bean, our 17 month-old accordionist-in-the-making from East Stroudsburg — where I grew up, I should mention. ┬áBean is rocking a Woodstock Special, and she looks pretty happy hearing the magical sounds it produces.

Below is my son Jojo, who received the New York Giants-colored Baronelli next to him as a gift from his doting Godmother. Jojo is oft-photographed with accordions, but I promise to go easy on the sharing.

We’ll feature Accordion Kids regularly — think of it like Cats of Instagram — so send us your photos and captions of your pint-sized accordion players and we’ll publish them on AccordionWire.

Accordion Kids

Little Jojo of Ardmore posing with his new Baronelli accordion in October at 8 months old.

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