accordion_gram_featured_imageWhen you really want to say something special to someone, say it with an Accordion-Gram and rest assured you will make a lasting impression. The Ardmore Accordion Academy makes it easy for you express yourself with some squeezing. Choose from our available moods and songs or create your own custom Accordion-Gram.

$60 – Standard Moods and Songs (* updated often)

Birthday: Happy Birthday / Birthday (Beatles) / In Da Club

Romantic: Lets Fall in Love / In the Mood, All of Me / La Vie En Rose

Good Luck/Get Psyched: Fly Eagles Fly / Rocky Theme, Harder They Come / Bam Bam (reggae mix)

Sorry: Creep / All Apologies

Get Well/Cheer Up: Don’t Worry Be Happy / Blue Skies

$100 – Custom Accordion-Gram

We’ll work together to create an Accordion-Gram that is uniquely yours.