Accordion Artist: Dear Rabbit

Dear Rabbit from Colorado

Dear Rabbit is the kind of guy you hope finds an accordion and starts channeling his inner punk.

A multi-instrumentalist who uses accordion in deft ways, his rowdy toe-tappers inspire dreams of cafes, dark street corners and secret back rooms.

Also known as Rence Liam, the Colorado-based Dear Rabbit boasts massive pipes that shout over the accordion and into an audience’s bones.

Courtesy of Dear Rabbit’s Facebook page:

“The man behind the name is our good friend Rence Liam, who’s been tearing it up with his eccentric attention demanding one-man-band performances across the USA. Imagine attending a secret party thrown by Salvador Dali in an ornate smoke-filled drinking parlor in the dark belly of a creaky figate with Blackbeard, Captain Beefheart and a bunch of crazed, violent gypsies… Lots of old timey instruments (Accordion, Cornet, Trombone, Banjo etc.) played very energetically with a near-punk delivery with Rence’s belted lyrics over-the-top.. Quite a spectacle!”
- Wil-Ru Records (Portland, OR)

“Dear Rabbit killed it tonight. He live looped layers of acoustic guitar and mellow trumpet, a la Andrew Bird, and then sang into his guitar pickups for yet another layer. . . he unplugged and walked off stage-right into the intimate foyer where an old out-of-tune piano sat waiting. . .”
- Patti Schreiber

Dear Rabbit is currently touring. Check out his schedule, music and merch here.

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