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American Accordion Association President to Welcome Re-Born Philadelphia Accordion Club on 6/29

American Accordion Association

We thought it was pretty cool that we recently announced the formation of the Philadelphia Accordion Club.

Things just got even better. Turns out Linda Reed, the president of the American Accordion Association (AAA), thinks it’s pretty cool, too. She’ll be on hand for the Philadelphia Accordion Club’s first gathering on Saturday, June 29 at Liberty Bellows to welcome local accordionists and check out the scene in Philly.

Reed will be spending time with Joan Grauman, the renowned Washington, D.C.-based accordion teacher and performer who will be conducting her acclaimed workshop “Playing Ethnic Music More Authentically” at Liberty Bellows. The workshop starts at 1 p.m. Grauman is on the governing board of AAA and along with her husband operates SqueezinArt, which specializes in gifts for accordionists.

Joan Grauman plays “Our Washington Senators”, composed by accordionist, Merv Conn, during the podcast “Hang Up and Listen” presented by Slate.

Following Grauman’s workshop, Philly accordionists will be treated to a performance by two members of the Brooklyn Accordion Club, which just formed earlier this year. Mayumi Miyaoka and Robert Duncan will perform a Classical Accordion Duo starting around 2 p.m.

Mayumi Mayoka performs at the first gathering of the Brooklyn Accordion Club.

Mayumi Mayoka performs at the first gathering of the Brooklyn Accordion Club.

Mayumi Miyaoka performs Bach Invention No. 8

Robert Duncan performs at the first gathering of the Brooklyn Accordion Club.

Robert Duncan performs at the first gathering of the Brooklyn Accordion Club.


Pushing Buttons: Philadelphia Accordion Club is Born


When we launched the Ardmore Accordion Academy in January, our primary goals were to promote accordion artistry and generally elevate the accordion’s presence throughout Greater Philadelphia.

A little more than four months later, we’re proud to have taken some major baby steps toward achieving those goals. We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the Ardmore Accordion Academy is a founding member of the Philadelphia Accordion Club, which was formed last week along with the pros at one-stop accordion shop Liberty Bellows in Philadelphia and one of the East Coast’s brightest accordionists, Dallas Vietty.

The club’s mission is to increase the visibility, artistic relevance and appreciation of accordionists throughout Philadelphia. We’re holding our first monthly gathering on June 29 at Liberty Bellows’ new space on South St. to collaborate, perform and drill down on how we’ll execute on that mission with other members. We anticipate a healthy turnout for the event, which will give local accordionists the rare opportunity to pick other accordionists brains, share techniques and lessons, and enjoy some top-notch accordion performances. The club’s gatherings are suitable for beginners as well as gigging musicians.

Untitled-4The only mentions of a previous incarnation of the Philadelphia Accordion Club is in reference to its one-time president, famed Philly-based accordionist Andy Arcari, a vocal advocate for the accordion who wrote this piece in 1941 for Accordion World magazine.

In the piece, Arcari argues for more transcription of well-known “numbers” written by famous composers. Indeed, this was a significant obstacle for the development of future accordionists and in many ways remains some 70 years later. We believe the kind of sharing, learning and playing stoked by the Philadelphia Accordion Club can help accordionists of all abilities make their own mark.

We’d love to hear your ideas at our monthly gathering, so if you are an accordion player or if you know one, please spread the word and join us.